At Schiphol, you can check in for your flight in several ways. The fastest is to check in online at home. You can also check in at the airport by using the self-service kiosk and baggage drop area, or at your airline’s check-in desk.

Many airlines allow you to check in on their website up to 24-hours before departure. You can print out your own boarding pass, or have it emailed to you to be scanned on your smartphone at the gate.

You can check yourself in for your flight at a self-service check-in kiosk in the departure halls. The kiosk will print out a boarding pass. The blue self-service kiosks are for KLM / SkyTeam airlines, and the yellow ones for several other airlines.

You can also go directly to your airline’s check-in desk. The airline representative will print your boarding pass and check in your baggage. Simply check the website, app or screens in the departure halls to see the location of your check-in desk.

More airlines than ever have automated their baggage check-in processes. This is particularly useful if you checked in online – just head to the self-service baggage drop-off kiosk at Schiphol and follow the on-screen instructions. A baggage tag will be printed, which you affix to your bags, before they are being transported to your plane.

You can also check in and drop off your baggage at the check-in desk, where a representative will tag and process your bag for you.